Workshop Programs

For more than 40 years Dr. Bernie Warren has run highly regarded workshops and classes on arts in education and healthcare, dance, drama/theatre, play, creativity, and laughter for literally hundreds of people around the world. This experience shows in the workshops designed and offered by Bears Move Mountains.

All Bears Move Mountains workshops make learning fun. The experience gained, working with educators, healthcare professionals, artists, and with people with a wide range of physical and health problems around the world, enables me to adapt exercises not only to the needs of individual participants but also to address the cultural context in which the workshop is being presented.

Overall the goal of each workshop is to give participants a range of skills and knowledge that can help them reduce their stress, improve their daily quality of life and enjoy good health.

Previous successful programs include:

  • Stand Breathe Smile – Simple breathing exercises to reduce stress and promote better health.
  • Dance For The Non-Dancer – Creative movement for self-expression and good health
  • Creative Approaches to Channelling Unacceptable Behaviour – using creative and arts based
    techniques to reframe and redirect socially unacceptable behaviours
  • Stress Reduction At Your Desk – specialized program for office workers
  • The Art of Play – Smiles Are Everywhere: introducing playfulness and humour into your

Please contact us for more details about each of these programs.

We will be happy to work with you and/or your organization to create a program and itinerary designed specifically for you.