Dr. Bernie Warren



Born in London England

  • I hold Dual UK/EU and Canadian citizenship
  • I have delivered classes, workshops and training programs in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UK & USA
  • I make learning fun!


  • Award-winning master teacher and researcher with 35+ years of experience in cross and inter-disciplinary University teaching positions.
  • Author of books and articles on the use of the Arts & Humour in healthcare and Eastern healing/martial arts;
  • Expert on use of Arts In Education, Special Education/ Rehabilitation and Healthcare;
  • Master teacher of clown-doctors / medical clowns
  • Master teacher and researcher Qigong & Tai Chi.
  • Featured ‘expert’ speaker on TV and radio worldwide.
  • e.g. Tedx@QUT Talk Video Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv_Y0CFJ_3Y


  •  Trained as an English, Drama and Dance/ Movement Specialist
    • Hold a BA (Hons.) in English/Drama; a PhD in Drama / Psychology
  • Possess extensive training & experience in:
    • Dance-Movement, Drama, and Family Therapies
    • Eastern Healing and Martial Arts


  • 40+ years of experience working, in schools, colleges, universities and community settings, with school aged children and adults of all ages and abilities
    • Not only in classrooms but also non-traditional settings worldwide
    • My research and project experience has focused on the integration of evidence-based Eastern & Western best practices in Education, Community Development, Healthcare, the Arts and an individual’s daily life.
    • Supervised numerous clinical practice seminars; research projects, teaching practice and internships in educational healthcare and community settings;
    • Served as external examiner on 16 Doctoral Degrees ( PhD/EdD).
  • 15+ years of experience developing and delivering programs that reduce stress, improve quality of life for employees and increase productivity and workplace satisfaction for arts, business, educational, healthcare and non-profit organisations around the world
    • Developed and delivered train the trainer programs – around the world;
    • Delivered countless workshops and seminars on dance, drama/theatre, play, creativity and laughter worldwide
    • Taught qigong & tai chi not only as health promotion but also for people of all ages living with life changing conditions
  • 10+ years of experience working in ‘clinical practice’ with children with disabilities, survivors of sexual abuse, seniors, and people living with life changing and life threatening conditions.

OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (includes, but is not limited to):

    • Working as a clown-doctor, actor, director, dancer choreographer, singer, musician and writer.
    • Successfully writing and being awarded research and project grants;
    • Training / Supervising Teacher for all school ages;
    •  Developing and delivering community based programs;
    • Designing and delivering curriculum and academic programs;
    • Training artists, educators and healthcare professionals to use clown based skills in their jobs and daily lives;
    • Contract negotiations and conflict resolution